Monday, October 20, 2014

The Lost Posts: Watermelon War

This past year has swept by so quickly that I've missed some significant moments in the life of our family. Tonight I share 2-year-old Brielle's interactions with summer's classic icon.

Ultimate winner of the Watermelon War? Brielle!

Friday, October 10, 2014

An Exceptionally Happy Moment


This week has held so many joys for this grandmother. One of the reasons for my bliss has been having Alison's older sister, Anna, here for the birth of the family's newest addition. Anna's husband, Aaron, kindly offered to take four days off from work to care for their little girls. Even though her daughters are in such capable hands, Anna has really missed the duo. Thanks to today's technology, however, she has been able to "see" them several times a day. Here two-year-old Brielle had just enthusiastically chirped, "Hi, Mommy!" upon seeing seeing her mama as Anna held her nephew in Alison's hospital room.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Welcome to the World!

William Eric
9 pounds, 6 ounces
20-1/2 inches
Very happy parents: Eric and Alison
Very happy grandparents: Jim and Denise

Monday, October 6, 2014

Eric and Alison: Update

I'm not really certain why I picked this photo for an update on Alison's labor. Perhaps I feel a bit like the dog pictured her. I feel a bit like a caged animal after a day of waiting for news. I know the other grandparents do, too! We yearn to know that our grandson is safe and healthy and that Alison's agony is over. Waiting is hard!

I don't have much to pass on. We know that the young couple has been at the hospital for about an hour. We haven't heard from Eric since they arrived there. Our hope is that Eric's texting silence means his wife is in very active labor, and he's just too busy comforting her.

Eric and Alison: Today is THE Day!

Eric and Alison would be most grateful for your prayers. God be praised, she went into labor about 2 a.m. eastern. She has been laboring for about 13 hours but hasn't yet progressed enough to go to the hospital. I will post as soon as possible after their son is born!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Eric and Alison: While They Wait


What do you do when your first baby is a full week late?

You visit a dog shelter...

...knowing that now you will be far less tempted by big brown eyes to bring home a four-footed friend to your tiny apartment.

Eric and Alison share a deep love of dogs, and I was so happy to be invited to join the two of them on their outing today as they sought some way to take their minds off the wait for our grandson. However, the canines' doleful eyes were hard for this adoptive mother to endure. Each dog had his own way of crying out, "Please adopt me!"

This fella even had ears that communicated, "Please take me home...please!"

The pups that tore at my heart the most were these noble-looking brothers. After all, the Lord has made it my life mission to rescue orphaned sibling groups in His name.

It was a good thing I'm traveling or we would have suddenly had as many dogs as kids!

While I was losing my heart to a couple of brothers who are likely to be separated, Eric was in an adjoining room having his heart strings pulled by a pup named Buster.

Alison watched on, practicing the comforting, calming "shush" she'll use soon to quite her baby boy.

Before long one of the volunteers offered to let Eric play with the 10-month-old pure bred. He was a sturdy dog, just right for my son-in-law's enormous "paws." The rescue worker also happened to be Buster's foster mother so she was able to fill us in on how far this energetic, active puppy has come since he was rescued from Tennessee where his death was immanent due to over crowding in a shelter there.

A few minutes of playing ball together...

...and the two were fast friends.

I love the eye contact here!

However, today couldn't be the day for an adoption, not with a baby due any hour now. So Eric and Alison cast a final glance at the dogs and headed home. They left happy, having learned that the dogs cared for by this organization all live in foster homes rather than being caged or being in danger of being put down.They're only in the cages for the length of a weekly open house.

I suspect Eric and Alison will be returning to Forever Home Rescue before too long with their infant son in tow looking for the Lord's leading on choosing a pet for their growing family.


If anyone in the New England area is interested in this immaculate and lovingly-run dog shelter, here's a link: Forever Home Rescue.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Eric and Alison: When the Wait Drags On


After a fabulous 30th-anniversary celebration last week with the love of my life in Maine, this week I'm in Massachusetts with our second daughter. Alison and her husband, Eric, are expecting their first child ~ a boy. The little guy has thus far been reluctant to make his entrance in the world. He was due five days ago on September 27th.

This morning I went with Alison to her weekly doctor appointment. This week's visit started with an ultra sound since Alison is over due. The goal was to check the baby's health and make sure that he is still surrounded by enough amniotic fluid. The little guy passed the various tests with flying colors. Alison and I were treated to so many evidences of the God's amazing handiwork. We got to see a clear picture of the valves opening and closing between the four chambers of Little Man's heart. We were treated to a sharp picture of his beautiful spine. His kidneys were cute and his profile was perfect. Alison and I were overwhelmed with gratitude to the Lord for the wonder of His work.

After the sonogram was finished, Alison saw her doctor who informed our very pregnant daughter that her body still isn't ready to give birth. Alison left the appointment discouraged that it looks more and more like a medical induction might be the path to her first child's birth. She called Eric who knew just what his wife needed to endure the wait for their son's birth.

We met Eric for lunch at a Five Guys near Eric's work for hamburgers and fries. Eric provided just what Alison needed...

...a listening ear...

...and a bit of reassurance that he stills loves his wife.

After 30 minutes with her husband, Alison's discouragement was replaced by steadfast determination, and she was ready to face a few more days of pregnancy...

...and Eric was ready to return to work.

On Sunday, Eric and Alison will celebrate their first anniversary. Today I got to witness a husband's devotion to his wife bring hope to her heart. As I watched Eric impart his strength to his wife, I couldn't help but think of this verse, "Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church and gave Himself up for her" (Ephesians 5:25 ESV). Eric loved sacrificially today and was the very picture of Jesus loving His bride.

I thank God for Eric and Alison's one-year-old marriage. I thank the Lord that our daughter is in such good hands as Eric cares for her. And I thank the Lord that one way or another Alison's physical soreness will soon be replaced by the emotional and spiritual joy upon becoming a mother.