Saturday, August 2, 2014

Bubble "Babies"

One evening recently the weather was just right for some outdoor play. I took our youngest daughters out for some fun. Because Hope (12) and Eliana (10) are our eleventh and twelfth children, we try to go out of our way to make sure they don't miss out on some of the experiences our older children had when they were younger. For me this evening was to have the added bonus of time alone with my youngest princesses.

On this play date, we took out giant bubble wands I'd recently found at Target. For this fun, we borrowed our neighbor's yard. For twelve years now he has kindly allowed us to use his land whenever we'd like. As you'll see in these pictures, his yard has to be one of the most picturesque spots on the planet, especially near sunset.

Before we got out the bubbles, I wanted to snap a quick portrait of Hope and Eliana. As tweens, they are changing physically nearly every day,

Next came the bubble fun!

Hope immediately figured out how to manufacture a multitude of bubbles.

I love the swish of Hope's hair and skirt in opposite directions in this photo. Hope just recently got a shorter "older girl" haircut, and this photo catches the color and movement of her shorter, layered locks perfectly. I thank God that He graciously gave me these photos as mementos of my youngest daughters just on the cusp of their teen years.

Both girls found the activity irresistible!

This photo is very "Eliana". She is remarkably athletic while still being quite girlie. For her, blowing bubbles was as much about trying to catch what she'd created as it was the blowing of the bubbles.

Does this former orphan's heart warm your heart like it does mine? Isn't God so good to have rescued her?

I love how Eliana's long locks catch the sun's diminishing rays in this photo. 

These two are the very best of friends. They are truly a love-knit duo! We thank God routinely for placing two girls who were born hundreds of miles apart in Russia in such close proximity to one another in the same family through adoption.