Sunday, June 9, 2013

Decision, Decisions, Decisions...

This week I took Lissie wedding gown shopping. She quickly grasped that what seemed like an endless array of choices were available to her. Even just the selection of headpieces was enough to make Lissie's head spin!

Lissie felt especially overwhelmed since she'd only just returned to America days earlier. Her life in Central Asia had been much simpler.

Lissie's angst didn't last long, though. Prayer calmed her spirit and after a short time spent amongst the lace and frills in the bridal shop, she was able to relax and enjoy...

But wait. I've gotten ahead of myself.

First I need to share with our readers the story of the night Lissie arrived home after nine months of teaching overseas only to find the surprise of her life. Read all about it in my next post!

(Photo credits for this post go to Lissie's 13-year-old sister, Natasha)