Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Jaynie on Her Way...

Mrs. Beaver:

Soon I hope we can carve out the time to fill in some details on how Jaynie is doing in her new home in Central Asia. For now, I'll just past on word that she absolutely loves the experience. Here are some photos from her trip there with her dad, brother (and dear friend), Joe.
Joe and Jaynie in their hotel in the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emerits

Outside the same hotel

Later in the day as dad, daughter and her brother traveled closer to her final destination, Jaynie would be required to wrap her head in the scarf, but Dubai is such a mix of cultures that she could leave the scarf down.
The Arabian cultures value horses deeply. This is one of the many beautiful statues on the hotel grounds.

As we get ready to commemerate National Orphan Sunday at church on this weedend, I can't help but be overwhelmed by the change to Jaynie's life. She was once confined to an orphanage with almost no opportunity for adventure and even less hope for a safe, thriving future as an adult. Now just look at this former orphan! Her life is full of purpose and the opportunity to make a difference for her King. Praise be to God!

More to come...

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Spencer said...

Amazing! Praise God for what He can do :)