Thursday, January 19, 2012

Knit, Pray, Love

I was sitting in the car this afternoon, waiting as Alexander and Mark finished up their guitar lessons inside their teacher's little blue house. Since I was working on some school, I paid little attention to the murmur of the radio...until the male DJ started talking about his new hobby: knitting. I had to smile at the thought of Scott of KLOVE taking up the rather delicate craft generally reserved for women.

          However, when he went on to explain why he had, I was all ears. He spoke of the partnership Klove and CURE International had formed, allowing Klove's listeners to knit baby hats and send them to newborns in Afghanistan. As I heard Scott describing the plight of the many needy and oppressed women and children, it rang true with the stories Jaynie had shared with me of her time in Central Asia. I felt a wave of sadness, not just at the many physical trials of the Afghani moms and babies, but also at the fact that they know fear and turmoil, instead of peace and joy. They are imprisoned by the rites and rituals of their culture and religion, instead of being freed and empowered by eternal life in Christ Jesus.

         Nevertheless, I couldn't help getting excited as well, because I knew "I can do that too!" So tomorrow I will begin my first baby hat. And as I work my way through stitch after stitch and row after row, I can pray for the little head that will make use of it. I can pray for the worn and weary mother who will receive the hat for her child. I can pray that they too can come to know the peace and love that can only be found in Jesus.

Anybody want to join me?


CURE Knit Pray Love from CURE Video on Vimeo.

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Beautiful video. Thanks for sharing.