Saturday, May 5, 2012

Adoption Update: A Wet Glimpse

Orphanage hallway

Our agency for this adoption is the same one we used two years ago, The Russian Orphan Lighthouse Project. It's a joy to be interacting with the same people. What a heart they have for older Russian children who are fatherless! It just so happens that is the same passion the Lord has placed in the hearts of the two of us (and now our children). Our hearts deeply at having found others who put their own lives on the back burner to minister to the least of these in Russia, a country that has become dear to us!

The group's blogger (she has MANY other duties!), Becky De Nooy, posted recently about an delicate, adorable four-year-old girl. Would you join us in asking the Lord to provide a family for little Sasha? Let's storm the gates of heaven beseeching the Father of the Fatherless to give her a mommy and a daddy!

BTW, toward the end of Becky's post, there is a photo that is EXTRA SPECIAL to our family. We treasure this glimpse while in the midst of an adoption. What a gift from God!


Becky De Nooy said...

I'm praying! It's Sasha's birthday today, so she is now a five-year-old. We appreciate your kind words about our program, and your trust in us as you continue to build your family. Thank you for mentioning this need, and for remembering it in prayer!

Denise said...

Ouch! Orphan's birthdays really bother my heart and soul! SUCH aloneness. SUCH loneliness. I will pray extra prayers for the new five year old as I close my eyes to night. Oh....ouch.ltziarc