Monday, January 14, 2013

Twice as Nice

Mrs. Beaver:

On our blog we often tout the blessings of adoption. Truthfully, I think our reason for this frequent focus is to get our readers to consider the role they can play in the world-wide need for orphan care.

Today, however, I'm reveling in the other miracles in the make up of our family--the twins to which I gave birth, John and Lissie. What a blessing this duo has been to a couple that was told they would never conceive! God does do the impossible!

This photo was taken on Christmas day. On New Year's Day, John and Lissie turned twenty-one. I look forward to watching what our great God has in store for our precious twins as they each navigate their way through their twenties with the Lord as their ever-faithful guide.

Thank you, Lord, for giving this very infertile woman the desire of her heart. Gratitude wells up in me today for the gift of twins. You are so good, God. You are so kind, Lord. I thank You and praise You with all my heart for John and Lissie. Thank You for the miracle of multiples!


Jason M. said...

And they've been a real blessing to a lot of us.

Denise said...

Thanks, Jason! As a Christian mother, knowing my kids bless others is a great comfort!


SamUEL Finch said...

All of your kids have been a blessing to me! John and Lissie are a wonderful testimony of God's goodness and mercy to those who love Him. :)