Wednesday, February 13, 2013

"Is That...Me?"

Mrs. Beaver:

I can't believe it's been four weeks since Aunt Jean died. God gave good in the midst of the very, very hard, and I don't want one particular gift to slip by.

One of our kids' cousins wasn't able to get to Denver until the rest of us had been there for a couple of days. When Diane arrived, she kindly brought a gift for our granddaughter, Brielle. That hat she'd made fit Brielle perfectly and couldn't have been a sweeter surprise for Brielle's mom, Anna, who loves owls.

As we wiled away time in the hotel room the following afternoon while funeral arrangements were underway, the 7-month-old, who was wearing her new hat, sat on the bed with her mama exploring her own reflection in a mirror for the very first time.

(Forgive the dirty mirror--this was a real-life moment, not some set-up photo shoot. We didn't have any Windex nearby to clean off the slobber.)

And finally after about an hour of happy exploration, Brielle grabbed her hat, gave it a good tug or two and yanked it off. Her mommy said taking a hat off on her own was a motor-skill milestone.

Wasn't God so very kind to give us the gift of baby wonder in the midst of our grief?


Jason M. said...

Brielle is such a cutie. Nice job on the photos!

Our Family said...

Thanks, Jason, for both kind comments.

SamUEL Finch said...

She is SO adorable! Love you all! :)

Poem Girl said...

Oh, How Cute! Some little girl likes her reflection ;D
Sarah. A

Jamie and Marcos said...

What a beautiful reflection of His Glory in the newest family member! Oh she is so sweet! Anna's face is even sweeter as she studies her baby with peace and contentment! Thank you for sharing!

Jas C said...

What's just one more? ;)