Sunday, September 1, 2013

Grandpa and His Newest Girlie

When Anna's pregnancy went into overtime (I know I'm mixing metaphors--but I'm tired so please forgive me), our family began to pray wholeheartedly that Evelyn would be born before the Labor Day holiday weekend. Our reason? We envisioned Mr. Beaver being able to visit for a short time during the three-day-weekend. Sure enough, the little squirt was born mid afternoon on Thursday. We began planning for Grandpa's visit as soon as Evelyn was born. Grandpa arrived about 3:30 am on Saturday morning after some rough weather in his connecting city, Chicago.The next morning he was able to meet Evelyn while she was still less that 48 hours old.

Here are some photos from their special moments together today shortly before Grandpa had to turn around and return home.


Courtney Schiller said...

What a special answer to prayer!

I have to say, Evelyn truly has the most kissable-looking-lips. I'm sure you all cannot stop staring at such a beautiful little blessing ^_^


Wendy said...

Thanks for sharing these sweet shots!