Friday, October 4, 2013

From Church Sanctuary to Storm Shelter

While we were rehearsing tomorrow's ceremony, drama was taking place outside the stained-glass windows. Tornadoes were making their way into our area. So as we finished the practice, we descended the stairs lit by the church's janitor on hand into the storm shelter. The bride led the way.

Sixty-five or so of us sang, "In Christ Alone," as we waited for the tornado sirens to cease blaring. The groom saw to it that the bride was distracted from any fear.

When we got the "all clear" we exited the downtown church to still-ominous clouds sailing in conflicting directions while nervous birds vacillated in their decision over whether to wait any further threat or flee.

While we remained safe we were saddened to learn that a small town about 35 miles away had taken a significant hit from a tornado. Certainly it was a night to remember, a night to remember God's might and His mercy!

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