Saturday, February 15, 2014

Attending the University of Home

Mrs. Beaver:

"Our homes are the universities where our children learn about the world and how to live. What kind of basic "courses" are we offering them? As Christians we want God to be the core of our curriculum. We want our children to be leaning to know God and relate to Him."

May our children hear us pray.

May they hear us thank God.

May they hear us praise God.

May they hear us revel in God's goodness, wisdom and sovereignty.

May they hear us take responsibility when we wrong someone.

May they hear us read the Bible to them.

May they see humility in us.

May they see brokenness when we sin.

May they see us grow in our likeness to Christ.

May they see us make church a priority.

May they see us die to self.

May they see us ever endeavoring to make our marriage beautiful.

May they see us forgive no matter how deep the wrong.

May they see us honor God.

May they see us lavishly love people.

May they see us trust God.

May they see us seek God. Today. Tomorrow. Always.

O, Lord, help us. The need for our home to be the university in which our children learn to love, trust, and know You is a calling beyond our ability. We are weak. We are selfish. We prefer our comfort and convenience to the necessity to die to self to model walking with You. Please grant grace sufficient to the life-long privilege. May we steward Your children well.

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