Sunday, May 25, 2014

And "Baby" is?

In my last post, I promised that with Eric and Alison visiting, a gender reveal was in store for our readers. Alison is our second oldest daughter and is John's twin.

Today, we had that chance.

It was hard to get these lovebirds ~ married last October ~ to concentrate on the task at hand.

Finally, we were ready to get down to the business of informing our readers the gender of our third grandchild.

Can you make your guess based on the sonogram images? No?

Well, then, let us say, "It's a...


Yes, a little man with ecstatic parents, who are so happy to add him to their family!

We were ready to take more photos, but Alison, who is 22 weeks along, developed a strong calf cramp. Eric lovingly dropped to his knees to massage away the pain.

However, he got distracted by the opportunity to kiss his son...

...which led to much laughter!

 Next we were ready to try a new pose, but got photo bombed by a local orphan.

After I watched the dog wander off, I looked back to see that Eric had gotten distracted again.

We pulled Eric back down to reality and finished the shoot...

...with a posed photo of one of our dog-loving daughter's favorite pals. This giant dog has roamed our neighborhood for years after severe neglect by owners a few miles away. "Ace" and Alison essentially grew up together. The entire photo shoot ended with Alison saying in the most pitiful voice, "He's drooling on my skirt!!! Followed by more laughter as she jumped up.


(Alison's younger sisters, Kirsten and Sarah, were my assistants. I couldn't have pulled this shoot off with our their help.)


busymama431 said...

Congrats All!! Boys are lots of fun! :) I hopped on here...and noticed the new post. Yay!!

SamUEL Finch said...

They're a beautiful couple! So full of Christ-centered romance!

Brittany said...

Beautiful picture! Congratulations to Alison and Eric. They are a beautiful couple, and I love reading about them. I cant wait to see pictures of their sweet new son. What will his name be?

George said...

Congratulations to all of you! George, Krista and girls