Sunday, July 6, 2014

A Happy Painful Reunion


This weekend our family traveled to Denver to visit my parents. As always, being with them was wonderful. However, Our hearts ached to see for ourselves the progression of my mom's arthritis. Her daily pain has grown that much more severe since we last saw them in November. Repeated compression fractures in her spine have also robbed my beloved mom of several inches of height over the past couple of years. 

Despite the suffering both my parents are enduring due to my mom's arthritic pain, they are bravely facing each day. In May they celebrated their 53rd wedding anniversary.

In the early evening of July 4th, my Dad help my mom out on their front step so that we could get a picture of them with the ten of their grandchildren we had with us. In all, my parents have 14 grandchildren.

On Saturday, I asked my mom if could take a photo of her in the soft morning light falling on the front of their house. Despite the pain of that even walking to the front door now brings on, she bore the beautiful glow of happy grandmother surrounded by grandchildren. I thank God for my parents. I am especially grateful to the Lord for the amazing grandparents they have been to our twelve children! 

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Betsy said...

What a treasure! You seem to have captured the beautiful person that is your mother and you also have wonderful pictures to keep the memory near until you visit again.