Sunday, November 16, 2014

Helping {well...sort of}

Mrs. R:

I tried to take a nap today, but found that I was too full of the joy of the Lord to do so. I couldn't stop thinking just how blessed I am. After being told by multiple doctors that we would never have children, the Lord has given Mr. R and me TWELVE. And now multiple grandchildren are increasing our joy!

Since I couldn't sleep this afternoon, I browsed through photos, my favorite form of "evidence" of the Lord's goodness in my life. These photos which I took during a late summer visit to Aaron and Anna's house sure got me smiling. While we were there to celebrate Evelyn's first birthday, Anna tried her best to sort through her girls' clothing and put outgrown pieces away. She had two ready helpers!

At another time during our trip I caught a very curious toddler "helping" her daddy when he stepped away from his computer ever so briefly.

Ahhhhh...our children and grandchildren are such treasures! They keep me smiling and rejoicing in God's abundant lovingkindness!

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