Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Less than Two Months Now

Before we know it, I'll have Josh and Zhenya's wedding photographs to share with you, dear reader. The wedding date is set, the dress purchased and the reception venue booked. With Zhenya's wedding fast approaching, I wanted to share some photos of the couple that I was blessed to be able to take not long after they got engaged. Our location for was beautiful Franklin, Tennessee. Franklin is just south of Nashville.

Before we left the parking garage to meet Josh when he got off work, Sarah freshened up Zhenya's make-up.

When Josh arrived, we were ready!

I was delighted to have such beautiful architecture as the backdrop!

Once we'd spent enough time in front of this grand old building, we began a walk down one of the main streets in the downtown Franklin. We stopped in front of a restaurant with a magnificent dark wooden door that sat perpendicular to a wonderfully old red brick wall. All this texture and color was a photographer's dream come true!

After I'd taken a few shots, Zhenya suggested that they should ask if the restaurant would be willing to let us put the couple's names and wedding date on their advertising sign that stood on the sidewalk. Honestly, I thought it was a long shot. However, Zhenya reminded me that it never hurts to ask as long as you're gracious. She marched right in and made the request.

Not only did the management say yes, the hostess, Ally, came out and created a work of art for the couple with her chalk. We were overwhelmed by the kindness!

When Ally finished, I took some more photos.

Josh demonstrated his creativity by suggesting that the two of them crawl under the sign.

Following an afternoon of fun together...

...I took one last shot that left me with no doubt that the wedding just can't come soon enough for these love birds!

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Malea Grace said...

they are the cutest couple