Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Delicious Detour

On our way home from Texas, the kids and I stopped in Kansas to see Uncle John and Aunt Carol. They've been long-term, enthusiastic supporters of our family as we've grown by adding trios of older Russian siblings during the past nine years.

When we arrived, they crowded into our 15-passenger van filled with luggage and 10 tired travelers. We were refreshed by dinner at a favorite Tex-Mex restaurant. Uncle John purchased the meal for all of us--with a family our size, this amounts to a mammoth act of generosity!

As we were leaving the restaurant, Aunt Carol asked if she could buy each of us a treat at the candy store next door. Again, what generosity!

We went in and immediately with some deep concentration debated what delectable to select.

Eventuallly we each decided which type of candy we wanted...

...and Aunt Carol made sure no one was missed as the order was filled.

My family left Sweet Caroline's happy...

...and this mother of nine left relieved after reading the small store's rules--especially the last one. ~ Mrs. Beaver

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