Thursday, September 1, 2011

Middle Kid in the Middle Trio

Mrs. Beaver:

When you're the middle child in the second of three trios of children your parents have adopted from Russia, it can be all-too easy to become nearly invisible. But this past Sunday, by God's grace, I noticed 11-year-old Natasha. I noticed Natasha doing something she loves--crafts. This time she was making and stringing paper beads.

Natasha was concentrating so hard I wasn't sure she was even aware of my presence, until she looked up and gave me the great big grin below. Then I knew that the extra effort I'd gone to in order to give the middle, middle kid some photographic attention was worth every snapshot!

BTW, some of the girls and I had a dance-a-jig kind of celebration as we shopped for new blue jeans today. Teeny, tiny Natasha has been off bottom of the growth charts since we adopted her. Last spring the 11-year-old was wearing 6X blue jeans. When we purchased 3 new pair today, they were all size 10!

Six-years have passed, but God is answering our repeated pleas for healing. We've prayed that Natasha will grow in wisdom and stature as Christ did. We give Him all the praise! He is good and does good. The Father of the Fatherless has been faithful to care for this child who experienced shameful neglect and deprevation as a baby and toddler.


WhiteStone said...

Sweet photos of Natasha. I love crafts, too, and the making of things, so I fully understand her concentration on a fun project!

Scott said...

So much reminds me of my own little girls. Sometimes one or the other of them is so quiet and I look around and seem them sitting at the kitchen table quietly intently working on a craft of their own invention and liking.

Tina said...

What a reminder of how special each one of our children is. Natasha, we have so enjoyed the time spent with you. We cannot wait to see what the Lord does with your life.
The Nix Family

The Nordstroms said...

Great pics of a radiant girl!

Mattea said...

I love you sweet Natasha!! I also loooooove arts and crafts! You're so creative too!
*hugs* (miss you!)