Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Eagles and Turkeys

Mrs. Beaver:

Red Square, Moscow, on our court trip during our last adoption--October 2010

Last night during our family Bible time, we did an unusual thing and listened to a sermon. The message resonated with our crowd, and we had a great heart felt discussion afterwards. On the chance that you might also be blessed, here's a link: "Eagles and Turkeys." Dr. Jim Berg is the speaker. He is the author of a book that has been transformational for both Mr. Beaver and me called Changed into His Image.

The sermon could also be found by visiting Under "Sermons by Speaker" find the listing for Jim Berg. Then look for "Eagles and Turkeys" which he preached on 9/8/11.

However you get to this message, the effort you invest will rewarded with what Mr. Beaver and believe can be life-impacting words.

When God opens the door for us to be able to adopt our sibling group of four who await us in Russia, the two of us want to be able to look back and see that we've drawn closer to the Lord during this wait. As odd as it sounds, I believe a message called "Eagles and Turkeys" is going to help. May you be blessed in your listening to it!

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Poem Girl said...

Hello Mrs. Beaver,
I drew a picture of Brielle not that long ago and I was hoping to post it on my blog along with the picture and I was hoping for permission to do that. Get back to me soon.
Your Friend
Sarah. A

P.S. I hope to have the picture fully completed and colored by Sunday, I hope you like it.