Saturday, March 30, 2013

Visit to Grandma's

Today we traveled six hours south to see Mr. Beaver's mom. Three weeks ago she moved from our home to an apartment of her own in a memory-care assisted living facility near another of her sons and his family.

Grandma first showed us the courtyard just outside her window.

This facility allows dogs, allowing Grandma to have Sandy with her.

From there we went to see Grandma's apartment which was lovingly decorated by her daughter in-law, Kathy, with dozens of keepsakes and mementos. These turned the unit into a home.

Jane then showed us the common rooms, and Sandy got some attention from residents watching a Saturday-afternoon movie.

We met some of Grandma's new friends.

Then we went out to the sun porch for game of Yahtzee.

There were so many playing that there was time between turns for wandering around in the large room and out into the adjoining courtyard.

Sandy got a great deal of attention as the afternoon wore on.

And Grandma got plenty of hugs.

Despite fierce competition, Tatiana and Oksana, who played as a team, won.

It was time for good-byes.

Parting was hard, but we left rejoicing that, by God's grace, Grandma is doing really, really well. He is so good! Hallelujah! 


Natalie said...

The kids are getting so big and so beautiful/handsome!!! We continue praying for you all!!

s'mores said...

So great you were able to spend time together! Love the pictures!!

SamUEL Finch said...

Praise the Great Physician! Love the pics too! Miss all of you!

Jason M. said...

Lots of great pictures there.