Thursday, April 4, 2013

Russian Adoption: Tremendous Progress in our Princess

Oksana ~ adopted November 2010
Mrs. Beaver:

Sometimes it's good to look back.

When living from day-to-day following the adoption of an older child, it can be easy to miss just how far that child has come. This evening I stumbled upon a post (My Little Beauty) from just over a year ago. It's too late tonight to do a true update. Suffice it to say that Oksana, who will be nine this month, has come so far since I penned those words. Perhaps the most rewarding aspect of her progress is her joy in learning. Oh my, how I love this little girl!

I thank the Lord that he placed this precious orphan with a learning disability in a family where she can get the attention she needs to reach her full potential. Her orphanage was truly an amazing place, but Oksana's intellectual needs could have been so easily missed in the crowd.

Thank you, Lord, for interceding in the life of this fatherless child by placing her in our home.


Alyson said...

I needed to read this tonight as I was reminded of our 16 yr old. His ways are nit our ways. His SO MUCH greater. Thank you. Blessings, sister.

Alyson said...

*not*......not *nit* :-)