Friday, July 5, 2013

A Happy Fourth

Mrs. Beaver:

To celebrate our country's Independence Day, we traveled south to Lawrence, Kansas, to have some fun with the kid's Grandma (Mr. Beaver's mom).

We stopped at a popular Tex-Mex restaurant on the college town's main street and order food to go. We then walked 1/2 a block south to the oldest park in town. The park dated back to 1847 and was the site of a Civil War battle. Now the green expanse seems nothing but peaceful.

We enjoyed dinner together and some play on the equipment.

The playground equipment was so much fun--even I got in on the act!

After a stop at a grocery store for some Yoplait Frozen Yogurt (one of Wells' new yummy products), we found another park overlooking a large reservoir as our venue for dessert.

The park was laced with trails. At one point, Amy and her parents went for a long walk, while others played Frisbee or simply strolled and chatted.

The exquisite evening was over before we knew it. All-in-all, the holiday was spendiferous! T.O.G.T.H.E.R continues to be my favorite word! We thank God for making us a family!
Thank You , Lord, for this Fourth of July fellowship!

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Kathryn said...

Thanks for taking time to post. I always enjoy seeing the sweet faces of your family. :)