Monday, July 8, 2013

Eric and Lissie: From Courtship to Marriage Preps

Eric is visiting for a few days as he and Lissie await their October nuptials. This trip is affording the opportunity to attend to a number of the details it takes to plan a wedding. First on the list was securing a marriage license. The couple was at the county recorder's office shortly after it opened this Monday morning.

First Lissie filled out her portion of the form...

...then it was Eric's turn.

I think he might have been a tad bit nervous. He was gripping the pen so hard that his skin was two colors! 

Lissie laid a reassuring hand on his as I'm sure she will many, many times during their years together.

Being downtown provided the opportunity for some interesting backdrops for engagement photos. We took full advantage of the architecture! We had a great deal of fun and a few silly moments together. Mostly, however, I tried to stay out of their way and just make use of my telephoto lens. This allowed them to interact with each other in a more natural, relaxed manner that was full of the happiness of being together.

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