Thursday, June 19, 2014

Growing a Boy

When our daughter, Alison, visited with her husband, Eric, at the end of May, my camera was busy! She was 22 weeks along with her first child ~ our first grandson.

When Eric returned to their home in Boston to meet work obligations, Alison stayed behind for a few days of family time.

I asked Alison if I could do a maternity shoot, and she was game.

Alison is an utterly girly girl who doesn't know one end of a basketball from the other, so to speak. Thus, my daughter got quite silly during the photo shoot with the props we brought along to a favorite park in order to represent how much she has to learn.

We left the park and went to the nearby college. Alison spent years taking violin lessons in the music building there. She did a quick change and we went to work taking advantage of fabulous lighting and great geometric lines.

Now and then we added a prop. We were simply having the best time as mother and daughter. We laughed as we learned together what worked for the photos and what didn't. All the while, we just couldn't help marveling that Alison is growing a human being inside her. How good and kind our God is!

We were pleasantly surprised to find the building unlocked since that hadn't always been the case during the summer throughout Alison's teen years.

We were also delighted to find that many alterations had been made inside since either of us had last been in the building. What a make-over the structure had been given! The furniture was brand new and yet had retro look that's so popular right now.

Because of it being summer, the all-glass lobby of the arts center was void of people.

Our family is daily thankful for Eric and Alison's pregnancy. Because Jim and I experienced extreme infertility, the whole family is keenly aware that the ability to get pregnant is not a given. All in our growing army of 18 have spent 25 weeks thanking God for the little boy He's growing in Alison!


While I Linger said...

What beautiful photos (easy with such a lovely subject).You must be so thrilled about the new grandson We are looking forward to meeting him!

Jennifer Pitkin said...

Precious and adorable! Love you, Alison and congrats again!!!