Sunday, June 1, 2014

Surprise, Alison!

This week during Alison's visit from Boston, Alison's sister, Zhenya, arranged a surprise baby shower for the little mama.

Zhenya's ruse was to take Alison out for breakfast. Much to Alison's surprise the local breakfast eatery was filled with dear friends eager to help her celebrate the little boy she is carrying.

Thus we were all blessed with great fun and delicious food.

As we all ate and fellowshipped, Alison opened gifts from her kind, generous supporters

And Alison was beyond happy to be surrounded by people so dear to her.

And, of course, much of the crowd was made up of Alison's many sisters. Seven sisters were present, only Anna ~ who lives with her husband and daughters in Ohio ~ was missing.

Friends who have been precious to Alison throughout her growing up years made this event special for her.

Pictured here with our Kirsten (right) is Lindsey. Lindsey and Alison have been friends since they were about eleven. Lindsey is a masterful pianist whose special brand of artistry at the keyboard contributed greatly to the aura of worship Eric and Alison longed for in their wedding.

 Alison's sisters and dear friend Lindsey (in the back row)..

One of Alison's bridesmaids, Kaylee, was in attendance. So was Kaylee's mom, Tanya. Tanya grew to be vital part of Alison's life during our daughter's teen years. Alison spent time in the Henn's house weekly playing the role of a mother's help to Tanya as their family added three new children through adoption and a pregnancy. 

Sisters, friends, and even a hero were on hand to celebrate.

Mary (pictured here on the right) has been married for nearly fifty years. Alison dreams of that kind of legacy for her marriage to Eric. 

Our thanks to all who increased our joy by sharing it!


Aaron and Anna said...

I can't tell you how much this post made me miss my family. I love you all.

Natalie said...

Thanks for posting this!I loved seeing all the familiar faces.