Monday, January 5, 2015

And He Huffed and He Puffed...

Mrs. R:

On January 1st, we celebrated John's birthday. As the lights were dimmed in the kitchen, and John's dad began lighting the candles, I realized I had forgotten to grab my camera. I went running. As I dashed back, John was patiently waiting for me with Nathaniel at his side.

We were surprised at what an inferno the cake had quickly become!

John gave his best effort to put the flames out. However, the trick candles had a mind of their own...

...and the kitchen began to fill with smoke!

John gave blowing out the candles another try....

 ...but the flames refused to die.

John's siblings begged for the chance to blow out the flames. Despite their multi-person effort, the candles blazed away.

John then decided the best hope for actually getting to eat Christina's rich, chocolaty creation was to take the candles off the cake and drop them in a nearby glass of water. However, he quickly figured out that the cake was too hot to get near.

Dad stepped in with tongs to give the stubborn candles a wet finale. Who new just 23 candles could cause such drama -- and so much laughter? We finished John's birthday with ample servings of smoked chocolate cake!

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Anonymous said...

HA! LOVE IT. There was one year we accidentally put "firework" candles on my three year old brother's cake. We had no clue they were "firework" candles, but we enjoyed the reaction. (COMPLETE awe and maybe a bit of fear....) We ended up dousing it with water to put it out. Great times.