Saturday, January 24, 2015

William the Wonder

Mrs. R:

I was blessed to visit our daughter, Alison, and her husband, Eric, in Boston this week. I had the sweetest time really getting to know William. At 3-1/2 months, he is full of personality. Here are some photos from a mini shoot one morning.

While I was with William's family, the little guy discovered his tongue. In and out it would go, almost too quick to see.

William is already interested in books. Several times during my time in Boston, I read to him. He would sit patiently through three books.

Unfortunately this last photo is blurry. Of all these pictures, this one catches William's personality best. He is such a happy guy, smiling and grinning his way through the day. However, with the big black camera in front of my face I struggled to coax smiles out of him, but here he shared his happiness with me. I thank God for my first grandson. He is a treasure!

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