Thursday, February 12, 2015

swept away by love

Mrs. R:

When Alison, Eric and William visited at Thanksgiving, we were able to take advantage of a warm day to get in a photo shoot. The goal was to take advantage of the late afternoon light to get a Christmas card picture for the young family's use. Here's the outcome:

At one point, William's daddy decided it was time for 7-week-old Willy to have his first ride on momma's shoulders.

Silliness ensued.

After the horseplay, we continued in our efforts to capture just the right Christmas card image. The photo above is the one Eric and Alison ultimately chose.

And here are few outtakes. Little Willy's expressions as his momma and daddy kissed on him were priceless. Who knew one so young could say so much!

Eventually a watching auntie took her nephew inside the house, and I had the chance to take a few pictures of the love birds who marked their first anniversary in early October. After a quiet celebration on the day of their anniversary, Alison went into labor that night. We thank God for their marriage and their precious son. (For an update on William, see Willy's First Solids at Alison's blog)

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