Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Josh and Zhenya: Engagement Photos!

Josh and Zhenya's engagement story, Part 3, is coming soon. While you wait, our dear readers, here are some photos taken of the couple the evening of their engagement.These were taken on the beautiful acreage that Josh's parents own in rural Tennessee. We were blessed to visit at the greenest time of the year. The setting was indescribably beautiful!

As a momma, I love the joy Josh brings out in our Zhenya! He's a gem!!!

The backdrop for the rest of these pictures is the Castilles' barn ~ a photographer's dream!

Did I mention the thrill I get for seeing the joy that Josh has introduced into Zhenya's life?

I learned during this shoot what a ham Josh can be!

To God be the glory!


Anonymous said...

So beautiful! Thank you for sharing. And what lovely subjects! :-)

Our Family said...

Thank you, friend, for the kind encouragement! God is so good to have brought Josh and Zhenya together. He is so good to have taken a waif from the streets and healed her brokenness so that she is ready to marry! Thank you for cheering our family on!!! Thank you for reading our blog!