Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Doubled Joy!

Each New Year's our family REALLY celebrates. No, the change from one calendar year to the next doesn't set our hearts to dancing. The reason for the doubled joy is that on January 1 each year we're privileged to rejoice over God's gift of TWINS. This year John and Alison turned 24.

I love the look on John's face here. He and Alison became best friends before their births. They have been the most remarkable cheering section for each other. Their relationship is just what you would hope of twins. Since Alison married Eric, John and Eric have developed and invested in a close friendship. In addition, John is a favorite uncle of Eric and Alison's little guy, William. John is eagerly awaiting the birth of his twin's first daughter.

We were informed, after untold testing and medication, that I would NEVER get pregnant. As a result of that never, our joy at having TWINS is to the sun and back. Our gratitude to God for the miracle of John and Alison is limitless. The Lord has shown us great kindness.

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Anonymous said...

I had no idea Allison was expecting as well! Double blessings to have Anna AND Allison expecting! How soon is she due? The bond between Allison and John is wonderful. Beautiful story, and beautiful people.