Friday, February 12, 2016

She's Gonna Be a Big Sister!

Perfect little lips, right? Well, it won't be long before those lips will have a baby sister or brother to kiss! That's right, Jillian is going to be a big sis! Anna is pregnant with their fourth child. She's due in late July. This time Aaron and Anna have decided to wait on learning the baby's gender. So we're all eager for the big day to learn if Aaron and Anna will add a fourth daughter or their first son. When this fourth blessing is born, Brielle will have just turned 4, Evelyn will be almost 3 and this peanut will be about 13 months old. God has richly blessed their family...and these grandparents!


Anonymous said...

HOW exciting!!! I never would have guessed. Congratulations!!

Vanderpolclan said...

Very exciting news. It will be busy but oh the memories they will all create together. All our kids (9 of them) were close in age. We also had 4 in four years, 6 in almost 7 years and 9 in 14 years. We are reaping now as we will have 6 teenagers at once this year!!! I am sure you can relate!!