Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sunday Lunch

After church today, a large crowd gathered round our dining room table. Dad spearheaded the meal preps...

...with John doing his best to keep up with the dirty dishes created by getting the food ready.

As busy as Nick and Kirsten currently are working AND preparing for their nuptials, we were so happy to have the engaged couple with us for the meal. After all, their wedding is merely week from today.

In the midst of wedding preps and Tina's high school graduation excitement, we've had to make a conscious effort not to lose sight of Kolya's 17th birthday today. Later we'll eat luscious Texas Sheet Cake to celebrate.

As we gathered around the table, lively conversation began immediately.

The young man courting Sarah, Alec, feels like a natural in this crowd.

Sarah's lab puppy, Ramsey, considers himself a necessity wherever food is involved. He got a bit cheeky about begging under the food-laden table...

...but a quick command from his momma and his manners immediately improved.

While Sarah was monitoring the behavior of her dog, Tina was checking on the antics of her puppy. Kaiya was a bit miffed about the being tied to a tree during the feast.

Matt was the last to come from helping with food prep to the table.

At that happy moment, the hungry birthday boy knew he was finally going to get to eat.

We enjoyed ham and green beans almondine...

...with the happy addition of a summer favorite, watermelon.

The only person missing as we enjoyed God's bounty was the young man courting Tina, who was celebrating his grandmother's birthday.

In the end, everyone was full and cheered by the fellowship.

As the eating wound down, Ramsey listened intently, hoping to hear some of his favorite words like park and walk.

I noticed toward the end the Kirsten was in her own world, I don't know if she was contemplating what she still has to pack for her move after the wedding. Or perhaps she was remembering the many times of rich conversation around this table. She and Nick will always be warmly welcomed in our home; they'll only be a hop, skip and jump away here in town. However in just over a week, they'll begin creating their own traditions.

My prayer for my beloved daughter is that in three decades she'll find herself as happily married as I am to this fine follower of Christ.

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