Thursday, April 28, 2016

Big Strong Will

Recently I had the chance to visit Eric and Alison in order to babysit Will for them. Having an overnight sitter gave Alison the chance to go with Eric on his first-ever business trip. (They took 7-week-old Emee with them so that Alison could nurse her).

As soon as Will's mommy left for the get away, Will and I headed outside. After all, a 60-degree day in Boston in early April is not to be missed!

As soon as Will entered the garage, he had a twinkle in his happy blue eyes. At a mere 18-months, our first grandson is already one of those kids who could simply pitch a tent and live outside for the rest of his days. Part of the reason is probably his passion for imitating the things he has seen his father do in the great outdoors.

So on this lovely late afternoon, Will went from this brief glance from the garage into the warm afternoon and turned around to grab his shovel. Here's what his grandpa thinks ran through his young mind:

"Let's see... how can I be like Daddy today?"

"I know... I'll do some shoveling!"

"The driveway must need something shoveled..."

"I can shovel snow..."

"... I can even shovel rocks!"

"Hmmm... that was fun, but how can I be like Daddy next?"

"The best way to be like Daddy is to put my shovel away before I start something else!"

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