Friday, July 16, 2010

143,000,000 Minus one, Part 2

We were blessed tonight to be invited to the airport homecoming of the Gitlin family
with their new 3-1/2 year old son from Ethiopia.

Initially, he clung to mom as the happy crowd mobbed them.

This allowed dad and his 5-year-old daughter to get reacquainted.

Then it was Dad time for her new brother.

After he started to feel comfortable, all four of the Gitlins began to interact.

Sister and brother began to exchange smiles.

And the rest of us got the privilege of watching a family, created on two continents, begin to form.

Thank you, Gitlins, for allowing us to watch such sacred moments in the formation of your family. We were so blessed! We have prayed for you and will continue to pray for you--all FOUR of you!

~The Beavers


unspkblejoy said...

What an amazing welcome--thanks for being ther!

Our Family said...

We were so very, very blessed! Thank you for opening up the event ot our family!

We continue to pray for the FOUR of you!

~Mrs. Beaver