Sunday, July 4, 2010

"I Got Flowers!!!"

This week I had the privilege and joy of watching my oldest daughter, Tessa, receive flowers for the very first time. The whole family watched as she opened them.

The flowers were sent by the young man who is courting Tessa. Aaron and Tessa define courting as "entering into a relationship to determine if it is the Lord's will for us to marry."

Tessa and Aaron met at a gathering of CollegePlus! students in Oklahoma last fall. After discovering on CollegePlus!'s student forum that they had many theological commonalities, they began, with the permission of Tessa's father, to exchange emails. They then progressed to telephone calls.

In May, Aaron visited our family for a long weekend so that he and Tessa could spend some face-to-face time together.

Aaron good naturedly joined in family activities like cooking.

He also joined us for a visit to the Blue Bunny Ice Cream Parlor...

...and posed for many pictures.

A few days after Aaron returned home, he contacted Tessa's dad to ask if he might court Tessa. Mr. Beaver gave his permission. Mr. Beaver is working through a series of questions with Aaron via email and phone calls to help him get to know Aaron better and be able to help guide the two of them.

As Aaron and Tessa began their courtship, we could see that they would be blessed by having the opportunity to see one another again. An unusual break at work opened up for Mr. Beaver and we made the two day journey to Ohio to vacation in Cincinnati.

Before we left, Aaron contacted Mr. Beaver and sought his permission to hold Tessa's hand.

Tessa and the rest of us had the opportunity to meet Aaron's family. And what a warm, lovely, generous, kind family they are! We were encouraged by how close-knit they are. Their love of Christ permeates all they do.

They had us into their home for two dinners. Two other nights we met at nearby sites. All four evenings were filled with good conversation, games, laughter and fun.

On our last afternoon in Cinci, Tessa enjoyed getting to spend some time with Aaron's sisters.

Toward the end of the visit, the four parents met with Aaron and Tessa to discuss the shape of their courtship. This is all so new to both families!

As we sat together in a park as the sun slowly sank below the horizon, each of the couples offered Aaron and Tessa some thoughts on what it takes to create a strong, enduring, delight-filled marriage. The experience of the two couples is rich. By God's grace, Aaron's parents just celebrated their 30th anniversary, and we will mark 27 years in December. Aaron and Tessa were open to and even eager for our counsel.

The encounter between the six of us was a sweet gift of God's grace!

Saying good-bye was hard after a great week together.

Until another opportunity presents itself for the two of them to be together, Aaron and Tessa will continue to get to know one another through email, Skype and phone conversations.

Those who love them in both families will continue to pray for the Lord to lead them to His will for the two of them.

Grateful to the Lord
~Mrs. Beaver


Nordstroms said...

AWWWWW!!! Love,love,love all the pics & Tessa's infectious smile. Aaron's family seem wonderful. What a blessing!!

Nordstroms said...

TESSA!! I love you so much and I'm so happy for you :) Your smile in all those pictures says it all!


Our Family said...

Thanks, Nordstroms, for your never-ending support of our family!

Mrs. Beaver

Natalie said...

We were curious to see what Aaron looked like. What a lovely young couple!

Andrew said...

Congratulations Tessa! I hope everything works out for you and Aaron. Great pics.

MacSquash said...

I am SOOOOO excited for both of you and for both families! It's so encouraging to see two families who are committed to honoring God in all their relationships! May He richly bless this courtship, and may it be a shining example for the rest of us to follow! The pictures are so wonderful to see! :-)