Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Nine kids, Two Dogs and a Mom

There are few things we enjoy as much as a family hike. Today's perfect fall weather inspired us to break from routine. Our home school's "recess" was held at a beautiful county park.

We took both dogs, and 11-year-old Poochita demonstrated for her new protege, Sunshine, her long-standing trick of running up the playground ladder and happily descending the slide, toe-nails screeching.

Even after the demonstration, Sunshine was not keen on following Poochita's lead so Joe tried to help her to see there was nothing to fear. I'm afraid she still wasn't convinced!

As soon as we started walking, Tessa realized that in our rush to get out of the house she'd forgotten to change shoes.

Princess Bink also forgot something, but there are many advantages to having six older sisters.

The hike allowed plenty of sibling bonding-time.

Spontaneity can be so much fun!

Grateful to God for His generous goodness
~Mrs. Beaver


The Nordstroms said...

Next time you go to this park - we want to come too!! Looks lovely!

Tina said...

Cool nail polish Tessa!
Tina Nix

Tessa said...

Thank you Mrs. Nix, I will be sure and bring some blue nail polish for you when I come visit in October. :)


MacMeister said...

Homeschool recesses are so much fun! :-)

Lauren said...

Next time my Grandparents(The Salems) come to Knoxville, you all should take a vacation down here. Can someone say "Hiking"!? The Smokies are gorgeous and especially during the fall. We just went out into the mountains yesterday...whew, what a creative God we serve!
I hope you all are well,
Lauren Batchelor