Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ready...Set...Memorize, Part II

Our youngest eight children competed on Saturday in the local contest for the 2nd Annual National Bible Bee (see Ready...Set...Memorize! for background). Tessa, who was too old to participate, came along to support her siblings.

In the morning, each participant recited before judges and took a written test. It is these oral and written exam results which will be used to determine which of the contestants from across the country will be invited to participate in the national competition in November.

While we will have to wait to discover if any of our family has qualified for the national competition, we did learn the local results just after lunch on Saturday.

Here's how our children fared locally:

Primary Division (7-10 year olds)
Natasha -- 1st place
Princess Bink -- 3rd place

Junior Division (11-14 year olds)
Speedy -- 1st place
Tatiana -- 2nd place

Senior Division (15-18 year olds)
Joe -- 1st place
Lissie -- 2nd place
Jaynie -- 3rd place
Cassandra -- 4th place

Even more important, all of them gained the treasure of writing His word extensively on their hearts.

As we said in our post in June, scripture memorization is significant to who we are as a family. God tells us to impress His word on our hearts (Deuteronomy 11:18). He promises blessing to those who mediate on His word (Joshua 1:7; Psalm 1:1-3: James 1:25). This, of course, is easier if His word has been memorized. Our family has experienced countless blessings through scripture memorization. Among these, we believe that the practice of Bible memorization strengthens us as unit and helps us live well together. Additionally, we believe that memorizing scripture has been key to intellectual healing for the older children we've adopted who were each exposed to alcohol in-utero and severely neglected.

~Mr. & Mrs. Beaver


Anonymous said...

I am a HUGE fan of memorizing God's Word as a child.
I was involved in AWANA (a ministry that requires children to memorize verses, if you aren't familiar with it) for many years of my life and I am still reaping the benefits of the verses I memorized :).

MacMeister said...

Congratulations to John, Alison, and Faith, and all the best as you compete in nationals! And cheers for the rest of you who did so well!

God Bless!