Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Celebration of a New Beginning

Mrs. Beaver:

One of the blessings of attending a smallish church like we do is that the church family really operates like...a family. A happy event for one of us is reason to celebrate for all of us.

The girls and I attended one of these celebrations on Saturday morning: a bridal shower for a young woman named Megan.

Megan's sisters, Cora (in the red below), and Naomi (far left) will both play the role of maid-of-honor in the June wedding.

Close family ties are one of the hallmarks of the Davidson family. The girls' grandmother, in the background below, has modeled prioritizing family throughout her grandchildren's childhoods. Both she and the kids' grandfather have made the five-hour trip from eastern Iowa countless times to share holidays, listen to their grandkids' concerts and see plays in which their grandchildren had a role.

Megan's grandparents have also modeled true commitment to their vows; they have been married for nearly 52 years. What a legacy of love for the bride and groom to emulate!

One of my favorite things about the celebrations at our church is that they're multi-generational. The mom's bring their children. Usually the children at a shower are girls, but this time the youngest party-goer was a boy. In the photo below, six-month-old Caleb sits in the lap of the "matriarch" of our church, Miss Betty, who is in her eighties.

One of the little girls in attendance thoroughly enjoying...

...the jelly beans that adorned the coffee table.

Erin and friend, Meddie

...and Erin's little sister, Lilly, with her mom, Tanya.

The family-orientation of Megan's bridal shower was a reminder that in less than two months she and Nathan will become a family unit of their own. They both love God and are ready to serve Him as husband and wife, and, on God's timing, parents.

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