Monday, April 30, 2012

Yet Another April Reason to Celebrate

Mrs. Beaver:

Saturday was an important day for two reasons. First, it was Oksana's birthday. (See most recent post). Second, that day was also the 7th anniversary of the adoption of biological sisters, Tatiana, Natasha and Amy. As I've commented here before, anniversaries are very special to adoptive families. They give us the chance to look back and appreciate all God's done for us.

What an unspeakably precious gift our Heavenly Father has given us in these three girl! Children truly are a blessing from the Lord (Psalm 127)!

These three girls add the color to our world. Here are some favorite photos of them:

Natasha (left) (5), Amy (3) and Tatiana (7) dressed to go to church for the first time, four days after arriving from Russia - 2005

The girls on their first trip to one of our favorite vacation spots, the North Shore of Lake Superior.
They'd been part of the family for about four months - 2005

Near their first anniversary, the trio were making "cakes" for the celebration - 2006

A happy swimmer - 2006

Baking buddies sharing the same stool while "helping" an older sister bake - 2007

Our family was blessed with the opportunity to return to England where the first five of us had lived for a couple of years -- 2008

Feeding swans on England's Thames River - 2008

Tatiana at "Odds Farm Park" in rural England - 2008

Yet another bug hunt - 2008

A tired 8-year-old after a long walk through the Cincinnati Zoo - 2010

On vacation in Cincinnati in 2010

Tatiana's first roommate was Lissie. The two share a special bond.

Amy has been Oksana's closest friend since we adopted Oksana in late 2010. Amy has truly been a life saver.
Despite Oksana's speech delay, Amy has learned Oksana's language -- a mixture of Russian and English.
The two of them play together beautifully (well, okay... most of the time).

Oksana's best pal!

Cuddling a pup we "met" at a rest stop - 2011
If you're aware that we've just started the process of adopting a sibling group of four, you may wonder WHY we would be willing to increase our tribe from 12 to 16 children. A portion of the answer is captured in the pictures above. When we look back of over the past seven years we see many truths about God. Our God is a living God. Our God is good. Our God answers prayers. He has proven Himself perfectly faithful through the adoption of and our raising of "The Three Little Girls."

We know we can depend upon that faithfulness in the adopting and parenting of yet another four kiddos. In fact, we eagerly look forward to seeing the Lord move mountains on behalf of the four orphans awaiting a family in an orphanage in Russia.


SamUEL Finch said...

Beautiful girls! It's been an honor knowing each of them and the light of Christ that they have in their hearts! :-)

the johnson crew said...

It has been a really long time since i have checked up on your blog. we will be praying with you all as you pursue the adoption of your next four. Praise God. Bless you all.

MacMeister said...

Those are such great pictures! :-)