Sunday, April 22, 2012

Yielding = Joy

Mrs. Beaver:

One of things Mr. Beaver and I have observed in our daughter, Jaynie, as she lives and serves in a Muslim culture in a central Asian country is a blossoming of deep joy in her life.

This week I moved a number of books in our home, and as I did so I ran across a quote I'd underlined 11 years ago. At that time the two of us were in the throes of wrestling with the decision of whether to adopt three older siblings from Russia, Jaynie, Cassandra and Mark:
"When we trust God and exercise our faith, then we can yield ourselves completely and experience the by-product of joy. The ability to surrender our whole selves to God with complete trust and childlike faith is the key to possessing the abundant life filled with the fruit and gift of the joy of the Lord." (Lindsey O'Connor, If Mama Ain't Happy, Ain't Nobody Happy, 115)

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MacMeister said...

That is so true! It's something that God is teaching me day by day as well. I'm glad that Jaynie is experiencing the fruit of that truth in her service!