Monday, July 2, 2012

Please, Take a Look...

Mrs. Beaver:

I'd like to call your attention to the blogs of dear friends.

The first blog is called Matches and Dynamite, shared by the mom whose children Jaynie taught during her first four months in Central Asia during late 2011. The family traveled to America for the birth of their fourth son, but they have just recently moved back to Central Asia. The tranistion has been more difficult for them than they anticipated after living in the country for several years. The wound on the face of the oldest boy is a dog-bite. Jaynie says the woman holding the baby several photos later delivers their milk three or four times a week.

The other blog chronicles the adventures of the family whose children Lissie will be teaching during the coming school year in yet another Central Asian country. You can get a peek at what Lissie's life will look like by reading In All Things.

Both families are so driven by their love of God that they've been willing to give up the myriad comforts and conveniences of life in America to serve the people groups amongst whome they live. Please pray for both families. Pray for strength, endurance, God's grace, and impact in their locations.

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