Friday, July 13, 2012

Brielle's Sweet Dreams - A Heartrending Contrast

Mrs. Beaver:

Brielle doesn't yet smile voluntarily, but she must be having some sweet dreams.

I caught her deep-in-sleep grin as she reclined in her Uncle John's lap during dinner tonight. I'm thankful to God that my granddaughter's first month of life has been so pleasant and secure that her naps are filled with happy thoughts. Oh, that all the world's children were so blessed!

In a way that has caught me off guard, Brielle's short life has touched my heart not only with great joy, but ironically, with moments of powerful pain. This very loved newborn has already received more affection in her five weeks of life than many of the world's 147 million orphans will in their entire childhood. The equally precious lives of these orphans are mared by neglect, loneliness and fear. They have seemingly nowhere to turn for security, safety and love.

This momma of many broken young lives has spent too much time in orphanages to forget the pain on the faces of vulnerable, forgotten little ones. So I watch Brielle and thank God for His goodness in her life, as I pray for fatherless children to be rescued from their neglect.

Please... won't you pray with me?


Kayleen said...

What a beautiful little girl!! She has such a sweet smile. The Lord blessed you richly by giving you such a gift ;) He is so good. The Lord bless you!!!

In Christ,

MatthewandJennifer Pitkin said...

Well put. Amen.

We are praying with you, for all our little ones at home, still abroad, and the ones who are precious to God alone.