Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Our Adoption: Last Day of Trip Preps

Red Square -- October 2010

Mrs. Beaver:

Mr. Beaver, Lissie and I must be at the airport by 4 am tomorrow as we begin our journey to Russia and beyond. That puts a great deal of pressure on today. We would be grateful for your prayers:

  • that we would keep our eyes on Christ today! Jesus is worth it!
  • for clear thinking with the myriad of details to which we still need to bring closure.
  • for wisdom about what to purchase as orphanage donations.
  • for wisdom about what to take to the Fab Four. We'll take them each child a gift. We'll also take along toys to play with them during the two days we spend with them (this can be challenging since we don't share the same language!). We also are required to take all clothing, coats (it's been much cooler there) and shoes for them for the two days we'll be together. (The clothing then becomes orphanage donations.) Not surprisingly, we don't know their sizes, but God can  provide the wisdom we need!
  • for strength for our children who will be remaining here. It's hard to have your parents travel overseas for more than a week!
  • for strength for our children as they say goodbye to their beloved Lissie for several months.
Thanks, friends! We'll be taking you with us in our hearts!!!


Jane said...

Our love and prayers. Mom and AJ

Erica Granquist said...

We'll be praying for you!

Jason M. said...

I'm praying!

I hope the Russia trip goes great for all of you, and that it's a blessed time there with the Fab Four.

Prayers for Alison as well!

Alyson said...

I will be praying for your trip and that the Lord will prepare the hearts of the Fab Four to receive God's love through you! Blessings!!