Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Picture Perfect Practice

Mrs. Beaver:

Today I started reading a newly-published photography book. I didn't read much while I was waiting to be released from the emergency room following a reaction I had to dye injected during an MRI (too long a story to tell here--but, by God's grace, I'm doing great). However, one of the first statements I did read caught my attention right away. Author Roberto Valenzuelo says,
"If you are holding this book in your hands, the title must have spoken to you: Picture Perfect Practice...For me, practice has been a lifestyle. I practice everything I want to learn. I am relentless about it, and it has paid off." (introduction, viii)
As I sat on the gurney in the ER, I had the quiet and solitude (rare for a mother of 12!) to acknowledge to myself that I haven't been practicing picture taking relentlessly. So when I returned home, I grabbed our camera. I had no plan for what I'd photograph as I descended the steps from our bedroom.

Just then Lissie started practicing her violin...

I remember when her music was so simple...
Twinkle, Twinkle times without number!
...now her music ringings with complexity as her hand sweeps between scroll and bridge...
...which requires deep concentration.

As I reached for the camera this afternoon, little did I suspect that the Lord would grant me a tremendous gift.
In a couple of weeks, Lissie will be moving to the far side of the world. When she leaves, she will take with her the instrument she's lovingly practiced since she was six. Those who live near her in the Central Asian country will be blessed. I'm happy beyond measure that the many violin lessons and her numberless hours of practice will allow her, in His name, to share something exquisite.

Still, I'll miss the beauty of her practices here in our home. I'm learning to let go of all that Lissie is to me, that she might GO and share her love of God in a distant land. This releasing of a mama's natural grip on a beloved child is hard at times. Now at least, I have these photos to help me remember a picture perfect practice. Thank you, Lord!


Marie said...

Lovely pictures! I especially like the first one. :)

Jane said...

Thank you Lord! And Mom. Love Grandma and Aunt Jean