Saturday, August 17, 2013

He Makes All the Difference

We attended a wedding today. Lissie's fiance was with us. Just after the ceremony I caught the soon-to-be-bride casting this look of love at the man who will be her husband in six weeks. Seeing the photo tonight, I'm moved by the accidental composition, with her Lissie's dad in the background. Having a loving, intentional father behind her throughout her life has prepared Lissie to look forward to a bright future with the man of her dreams. She is a secure woman of strength; watching her daddy's biblically-informed way of navigating daily life as a man of God has helped her, by grace, to develop the deep faith in Jesus which an enduring marriage needs to go the distance with grace as its cornerstone.

To My Beloved Husband, 
Thank you for the incredible number of hours you have invested in our children individually. When you could have been pursuing your own hobbies and interests, you have been pursuing our kiddos' hearts. Your wise and loving guidance is molding them into adults who will be able to humbly face the remarkable challenges of their world while being a blessing. On those days when work is hard, remember the impact you are making at home. I love you so! I wouldn't want to walk this narrow road with anyone but you.

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