Thursday, August 15, 2013

Moores of Boston

Today was a travel day for us. We were on our way to visit the family of Lissie's fiance in Boston. 

It was a wonderfully relaxed day blessed by the Lord with countless travel mercies. John was especially mellow. Although he's only 21, he's been working in a career position since finishing his business degree May 2012. He was quite ready for a respite from the demands of ice cream marketing.

On our layover Daria was sharing some movie out-takes with her dad and siblings.

After landing at Boston's Logan airport, we walked together through the busy international concourse... that is until Lissie spotted Eric on the other side of the security barrier. She took off and practically flew into his waiting arms.

Once they were together again, she only had eyes for him.

Did I mention that Lissie only had eyes for Eric?

She hung on his every word!

We thanked God when we counted suitcases and found we had all eleven of them.

Next it was time to pick up our rented 15-passenger van. Both the Moores family and ours waited in the car park for the van rental company to pick us up and take us to their lot. Even as we waited the fellowship began.

We traveled about thirty minutes to the van lot, and I don't think Lissie took her eyes off Eric the entire time. 

Alexander was sitting next to the love-struck couple, but he was oblivious to their romance. His attention was held by a book. After switching languages at age 11, Alexander has just now acquired enough vocabulary in written English to love reading. Seeing him hovering over a book like this brought me such joy, and again I thanked the Lord.

When we arrived at the Moores' home, it was almost dinner time. Bless Tara's heart! In order to feed the 23 of us, she had three crock pots going!

Throughout the late afternoon, a great deal of energy was expended outdoors. Our Mark (left-17) and their Kevin (right--15) finally came in for water and a rest.

At dinner, I sat next to the youngest Moores and learned that Caleb really loves his mom's macaroni and cheese!

The evening ended with what else but...


Great fun was had by all today as the two families strengthened their bond through food and fun.

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