Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Remember the Chant?

Mrs. Beaver:

I remember jumping rope to this ditty as a little girl:

First comes love...

 ...then comes marriage...

Bet you've guessed it by now--

...then comes B.A.B.Y. in a baby carriage!

We're thrilled to announce that Lissie's is expecting! Eric and Lissie's first child is due September 27, Lord willing, right around their first anniversary. The baby's gender is as of yet unknown.

Lissie is in week 12 and, by God's grace, doing great. Both Eric and Lissie love babies and are filled with joy that the Lord has blessed them with this pregnancy!


Linda Maendel said...

Well, well! Congratulations are in order, then. To all of you!

George said...

Congratulations Eric and Allison! How exciting!

The Ochenjeles

Elizabeth said...

Yay!! So thankful for this blessing to them!!

busymama431 said...

Well, that's happy news! Congratulations to everyone!
~Megan, for The Goffs

Michelle S said...