Monday, March 31, 2014

An Updated Family Photo

Getting a group picture of our tribe has always been a challenge considering our size. And now that our oldest daughters, Anna and Lissie, live in far away states with their husbands, the opportunities are few. However, Eric and Lissie's wedding presented the chance and photographer Lauren La Plante blessed us with this picture. The only change to the family is Lissie's small-but-growing bump.

Back row: (left to right) Brielle (15 months) Aaron Nix, Kirsten, Jim (Dad), Lissie Reynolds Moores, Eric Moores, Alexander, John (Lissie's twin), Matthew
Second row: Evelyn Rose (Seven weeks) Anna Reynolds Nix, Natasha, Zhenya
Front row: Amy, Denise (Mom), Oksana, Sarah, Tatyana

This was to be our Christmas card picture, but the cards are gathering dust on my desk since before my surgery in late December. If you're on our Christmas card list, please know we loved getting your greeting during the holiday season!

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Wendy said...

I love this picture! Beautiful.