Thursday, March 27, 2014

Seven? Already?

When our family was all together for Thanksgiving, we were startled to realize that seven of our twelve children are now adults. Boy, did that sneak up on us! All the clich├ęs about how fast time flies as you parent are just plain true!

Pictured here are (l-r) John (22), Matthew (18), Anna (23), Lissie (22), Sarah (19), Zhenya (20) and Kirsten (19). This incredibly barren couple thanks God for the miracle that each one of these wonderful blessings is to us! Seven! Seven adult children already, and each one of them a dear friend! Aren't we BLESSED?

(Some of the names listed here are different than you've seen on this blog before and until I make the time to make the change, they are also different than the names on the side bar. Now that these kiddos are adults, we'll make the change to their real names. We'd chosen to use blog names for security when they we're children.)


Jason M. said...

It's a great group of adults. Keep up the good work.

Michelle S said...

You are blessed indeed! God is GOOD! :)