Tuesday, October 28, 2014

More of Sarah's Wild African Adventure

Denise Reynolds:

Today Sarah and her daddy had an unexpected blessing. They were able to go on a safari! They reported to us via Face Time that they traveled about 50 kilometers on very rough roads from Lusaka to a preserve of about 4,000 acres.

While they were in transit, monkeys ran in front of their vehicle just like deer would in most of America.

Our happy girl just before the big adventure.

The vehicle in which they traveled. 

Mr. R texted me, "Gad gave us the chance to see cheetahs, hyenas, pumas, wildebeests, gazelle, zebras, storks and an elephant."

Here are the photos they texted us:

They were told the wing span of a stork can extend more than two meters!

They couldn't remember the name of the species, but the gazelle pictured here lives only in Zambia.

This preserve had a one additional elephant ~ a baby ~ but it died two months ago. I can't imagine what it is like to lose an elephant!

Mr. R and Sarah were startled to witness the worker grab the tail of a cheetah. Apparently he was trying to "herd" a group of them closer to the vehicle. Better him than me!

I'm biased, but this my favorite picture of the day.

Sarah and her daddy are experiencing a culture landscape and animal population that is so vastly different that that which they are used to. Our God is marvelous in His creativity.

I sure love these two!

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