Monday, October 27, 2014

Sarah and her Dad's Journey to Zambia

Denise Reynolds:

All of these photos were taken by our daughter Sarah. I'm posting them for her due to the challenges of getting electronics to cooperate during international travel. Even with those challenges, our whole family is so grateful to God for the advances in technology. Sarah texted these photos to me using an free app called "What'sApp", and it looks like I'll be able to share them with you through this blog post. Amazing! When Mr. R and I married, cordless phones didn't even exist!

Sarah and her Dad left Omaha on Saturday night.

Chicago as they were preparing to land.

A very tired world-traveler in the Dubai airport after a 14-hour flight.

I think father and daughter look marvelous for all they'd already been through!

There was not doubt that Dubai's culture was unlike the upper midwest in the USA!

After a 12-hour layover which allowed for a short night's sleep in a hotel near the airport, Sarah and her daddy were on there way to Lusaka, the capital of Zambia. This is a view of Dubai from Sarah's plane window.

And this is the view from the air as they left the Middle East headed for the southern part of the African continent.

The Lusakan landscape as their plane prepared to land.

Sarah's short-term tourist visa. The people with whom she will work at the orphanage will help her to obtain a longer term visa, Lord willing.

Sights as they entered the city.

Sarah texted that she was disappointed that she failed to get a photo of the bike rider carrying two goats in baskets on the back.

My beloved and our dear daughter showered and ready to see the city by foot and get some dinner. 

We thank God for His tender mercies in allowing their travel to go so smoothly!

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Sarah Reynolds said...

This is Mr R from Sarah's phone - thanks to my beloved for posting this! Miss you all and thanking God for by Him incredible travel mercies. He has truly paved the way for Sarah's path here! Praying for you all at home and for wisdom in how we use our short time together before Sarah heads north.